Students help teammate recovering from cancer complete race

A video of three schoolgirls helping their teammate, who was recuperating from cancer, complete a track-and-field race in New York’s Capital District went viral on social media.

Shared by former American professional basketball player, Rex Chapman, the video showed three students holding the hands of their teammate, Yeva Klingbeil, and walking by her side to help her complete the 4×1 relay.

As the students crossed the finishing line, a huge round of applause came their way from the audience and several students ran to congratulate them.

The students then surrounded Ms Klingbeil, who used to be part of the school’s cross-country team, and shouted her name to praise her indomitable spirit.

Ms Klingbeil hasn’t been able to run since she was diagnosed with cancer in the jaw more than a year ago.

She had been undergoing chemo and radiation therapies but has suffered also some damage to her brain stem and struggles to swallow and even breathe on her own.


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