Woman refuses to use child for money ritual …escapes from marital home

A young lady of about 26 years has escaped from her marital home at Ashaiman Roundabout in the Greater Accra Region to save her life and that of her child.

Reason? She says the ‘husband’ has been beating her for no justifiable cause and sometimes threatens her with a knife in the bedroom.

According to the lady (name withheld) who hails from Peki in the Volta Region, what triggered the abandonment of her marital home was as a result of the incessant beatings and threats on her life by the ‘husband’ whose hometown she did not know but said the man spoke Hausa, a language commonly spoken by some people from Northern Ghana and Northern Nigeria.

She, however, did not give out his name.

She said what broke the camel’s back was when her man told her that they should use their two-year-old child for money rituals (Sikaduro).

“He started saying this when I was pregnant but keeps pestering me after delivery that we should use our baby for money ritual because he is in dire need of money to build a house and buy a car,” the lady said.

Fortunately, the two-year-old child is being taken care of by a good Samaritan who currently works with the young lady in one of the regions.

According to the lady, she had reported the conduct of her ‘husband’ to her father but nothing had been done about it.

The surge in spousal murders in the country of late has put some Ghanaian women on the ‘high alert’ to look out for possible escape routes from the homes of their aggressive husbands or partners to save themselves from premature death.

By Castro Zangina-Tong

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