25 ways to build your faith in God and trust Him in everything  (Part 1)

And without faith it is impossible to please God because anyone who comes to Him must believe that He exists and that He rewards those who earnestly seek Him – Hebrews 11:6 NIV


Hebrews 11:6 tells us that without faith, it is impossible to please God. Since pleasing God is essential to an abundant life, building our faith is a natural and essential step. We are living in a world where the temptation to doubt God is constant. His children need more than ever to learn how to trust in His goodness and have strong faith.

Below are some practical ways to move toward a stronger faith and a heart that trusts God’s promises.


Our faith will naturally grow when we make a conscious effort to look for ways to trust God. Let us pray and seek the Lord’s help when faced with a need or going through a difficult time in your life. Then let us watch and wait. He will move because we are trusting in Him. Once we see His intervention or Him speaking into our difficulty, we will have something to hold onto; our heavenly Father cares and moves on our behalf! The next time we find it difficult to trust God, let us remember He has moved on our behalf before, and He will do it again. Step by step, we will build a strong faith that will help us overcome life’s challenges.


When we stand face to face with spiritual obstacles and feel the crushing weight of our burdens, it causes us to forget what God has already done for us. A simple way to keep our focus on God in those moments is to start a prayer and praise journal. Let us use our journal (note book) to write down prayer requests, including the date we entrusted them into God’s hands. When God answers our prayer, we should add that information to our journal. Our journal (note book) will contain the evidence you need to face difficult times with a deeper trust in our loving Father’s faithfulness.


Difficult things often arrive suddenly in our lives, as if dropping out of the sky onto our path. All we can see at that moment is a mountain. It blocks our progress and our vision of what lies ahead. When we focus on the mountain, we lose faith in God. The Bible tells of God’s children overcoming obstacles with His help. Let us ask God to give us the strength to climb our mountain or make a way through to the other side. As God takes us by the hand and leads us to victory, our trust will soon overshadow all our mountains.


When we receive bad news or come face to face with a difficult circumstance, often it shakes us to our core and fear sets in. A perfect way to build the kind of faith that does not fail is to always trust in God’s plans. He knows our future and has plans to prosper us. Life-shattering moments are no surprise to God, even if tears fill our path. Let us memorise Jeremiah 29:11  and hold it in our heart. When we face the temptation to doubt God’s presence in our lives, this Bible verse can be a reminder that we never walk alone. Walking with the Lord is the best way to learn to trust Him with everything.


A great way to increase our faith is to pray for the promises found in God’s Word. Some promises in the Bible are for a specific person or people. Faith, however, calls us to believe that if God did it for those people, He can do it for us. Let us search for Bible verses that we can pray over any situation. Our faith can easily grow with each answer to a prayer that we receive, each promise He grants, and each deliverance He provides. He can also test our faith when He determines it is in our best interest for us to pass through the circumstance. Praying His Word back to Him will show us a lot about our faith and teach us about the will of God.


Our lives are full of things demanding our attention and draining our time. There is a remedy for these distractions: Let us start listening to the Word of God on a daily basis. Instead of listening to music on the radio during our drive to work, we could try listening to a podcast of our favourite pastor. Instead of spending two or three hours a night watching our favourite TV programmes, let us set aside some time for a Bible study instead. Philippians 4:8  provides a list of what we should focus on, but life chokes these things out. Taking intentional steps to listen to the teaching of His Word will bring direction, hope and growth to our lives.


There is a simple way to grow our faith: let us ask Christ Jesus to increase it. His followers asked Him to increase their faith in Luke 17:5, and they saw His miracles and listened to His teachings firsthand. If they needed more faith to accomplish the Lord’s will, how much more do we?

To build our faith, let us ask the Lord to increase it to the measure needed to fulfill His will. God is faithful to His children, and His desire is for us to walk in faith. So, let us boldly ask the Lord for a full measure of faith.


There are a lot of bad things dominating our hearts and minds, most of which will serve no purpose in hard times. In comparison, the Word of God is a pillar of fire guiding us through the darkness of difficult circumstances. Reading the Bible reveals God’s goodness and faithfulness. Our faith will deepen when we learn about the God we serve. Memorising Bible verses will help us when we are faced with trials. We will come out to the other side of our trial in victory. We won’t  be victorious because of our strength, but because we trusted in God. Each time we overcome with help from the Word of God, our trust will be stronger.


The sin of self-reliance is a prime example of lacking trust in God. If we are not trusting God, then our faith is based on something else. Having faith in other things restricts the power of God in our lives. Eventually, we are disappointed because of human limitations. Let us note the areas of our lives in which we have not surrendered into God’s hands and then let us ask Him to take control. Let us trust our lives to God’s plans and God’s ways. This will grow our faith because we learn that His ways are far better than anything we could have imagined. Let us surrender results in a stronger faith and a deeper trust in God.


Mark 9:24 is a picture of what happens when unbelief meets Jesus Christ face-to-face. The father in this story brought a profound, personal need before the Lord, and the encounter revealed his unbelief. It is best not to wait until we are in a crisis to discover our unbelief because unbelief hinders our faith. Let us ask God to examine our heart and write down what He reveals. Let us fight against our unbelief with the help of the Word of God. As we move from unbelief to belief, our faith and trust in God will flourish.


When difficult times come, it is easy to question the goodness of God. Our heart then starts equating God’s goodness with our will, and this leads to disappointment. Let us resist the urge to think God does not care about us when things do not go as we desire. We must fix our mind and spirit on the promises of God and trust Him no matter what happens. The purpose for suffering in our lives is in God’s hands. He knows our deepest and most desperate needs and is ready to discuss them with us. He has prepared enough faith for us to be victorious, so let us ask Him to fill our spirit with all we need. There is pain in the night, but with Him, joy comes in the morning.


The Old Testament tells how some of God’s children trusted in everything but Him. The results were devastating and painful. Today’s culture offers many idols for us to trust, but they are just empty substitutions for the Living God. Good things like church, jobs, and family can become idols, and God directly opposes idols of any kind. Let us pray and ask Him to reveal if we have based our faith on anything other than Him. Let us tear down any substitutes the Holy Spirit reveals and request His help to have faith in God alone. Once the Lord helps us remove the obstacles to growth, we will experience a greater measure of faith.

To be continued!

If you have not yet confessed Jesus as your Lord and personal Saviour, this is an opportunity to do so. And when you do, just surrender totally to Him with your eternal future, for He will never leave nor forsake you – Hebrews 13:5

Stay Blessed! 

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