3 Proven Tactics by Dr. Mani Kukreja to Naturally Enhance Your Immunity  

3 Proven Tactics by Dr. Mani Kukreja to Naturally Enhance Your Immunity  

As an integrative health and wellness expert, Dr. Mani Kukreja’s passion for all things healthy has driven her to share powerful knowledge with others. 

While this makes her the perfect expert to demonstrate how we can live healthy lives, it also makes her the ideal health coach to tell us how we can boost our immunity. Here, Dr. Mani Kukreja reveals these 3 tried and tested methods that keep you healthy and double up as immunity boosters. 

Understand Your Immune System and What Makes it Work

Knowing your body and mind helps you define their strengths and weaknesses. It is the same with your immune system. 

When you learn how your immune system works and how it is a natural gift to protect and promote your well-being, choosing a healthy way of life will come naturally to you. Without this knowledge, you will keep ignoring even the most glaring of signs. 

Sleep, Exercise, and Activity – Fill Your Hours Right

Balancing your daily routine goes a long way in boosting your immune system. Sufficient sleep at proper hours aids the various functions of your body, including your immune system and the time to rejuvenate. 

Exercise and regular activity help your body push itself toward optimal functionality, thereby strengthening your core bodily functions. They also help in flushing out ailment-causing toxins and assist with healthy circulation.

Stay Healthy – Physically, Emotionally, and Mentally

Your body isn’t just a physical entity. It is an amalgamation of your physical, emotional, and mental entities. Therefore, to stay healthy and disease-free, it is vital to give equal importance to all these three aspects of your life. 

Your immune system works in tandem with the various functions of your body and reacts to external threats with the help of inner harmony. When your body and mind are balanced, your immune system will perform optimally as well. 

Dr. Mani Kukreja is renowned for creating a perfect blend of clinical findings and holistic well-being. The above 3 proven immunity boosting techniques offer us just that!

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