7-year-old ‘spiderman’ impresses viewers with climbing skills

A video of a seven-year-old footballer not giving up while trying to climb a pillar has left many internet users amused.

Though he slipped several times, the little boy was able to make it to the top and remembered to celebrate the ‘achievement’ as soon as he landed on the ground.

Within 24 hours of being uploaded, the clip had gathered over 100 thousand views. While several users mistook the child in the clip to be a girl, some in the comment section soon identified him as Arat Hosseini, a Liverpool Academy footballer.

Arat was no stranger to social media and videos of his exercises and stunts performed under the supervision of his father had made a mark with Internet users.

The video was originally posted on Arat’s Instagram page in 2018 and captioned “Spiderman.”   – ndtv.com

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