80 Latest Ghana Kente Fashion Styles for Guys, Ladies and Couples

80 Latest Ghana Kente Fashion Styles for Guys, Ladies and Couples

You cannot talk about trending African fabrics without mentioning Ankara and Ghana Kente fabrics. Kente styles were first rocked by Ghanaian royalties to show off affluence. But these days, the fabric has gone beyond Africa to other parts of the world. The secret to this trend is that you can use Kente cloth to sew any category of African fashion styles for men, ladies and even couples. Be it senator, agbada, skirt and blouse, palazzo or mermaid gown. Also these styles can be rocked in any occasion; traditional or white wedding, engagement rites, church service, casual outing, wedding anniversaries, etc. I have dug deep into Pinterest to reveal these trending Ghana Kente fashion styles for guys, ladies and young couples.

When it comes to African fabrics, after Ankara fabrics, I will go for Kente fabrics. In fact the two are related to the extent that some of Ankara fabric categories are called Kente or “Ghana Ankara” by most people. Quality Kente materials stand firm when sewn and do not fade easily. It can even stand the test of time if washed carefully. You can also use kente fabrics to sew these trending kaftan styles. Check out these stunning kente styles that suit any event for men and women.

Trending Kente Styles for Ladies

Other Cute Ways Ladies Rock Kente Fashion Styles

Latest Kente Styles for Men

How Couples Rock Kente Fashion Styles


There you have it! Just a look will make you wanting to sew with Kente fabrics as soon as possible. Feel free to emulate any fashion in this article. You can even create your own styles by tweaking these kente styles. That is fashion for you! Celebrate your wedding anniversaries with these trending kente fashion. Take photo shoots with those styles. After some years, go through your album. That is one of the best ways to keep love memories evergreen.

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