90-year-old man walks to raise funds for children fighting cancer

At 90 years old, Dean Troutman was taking each day one step at a time yet decided to walk through 15 states and back home to raise money to help children fight cancer.

Troutman is no stranger when it came to hitting the pavement but this walk is unlike anything he had attempted before. He walked 3,600 miles to raise as much money as he could for a Children’s Hospital.

“I like to walk, and I’ve got to have a reason to do it, and St. Jude Children’s Hospital is a charity I think deserves it as much or more than anyone I can think of,” he said, adding that “there’s no better time to accomplish his goal.”
“As long as people keep sending in donations and these old bones hold up and this old body keeps holding together, I’m going to keep walking,” he said.

He had been able to raise over $9,600 of his targeted $36,000. — wnct.com

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