A new chapter in our football development is now- Kurt Okraku

A new chapter in our football development is now- Kurt Okraku

President Kurt Edwin Simeon-Okraku says a new chapter of football development is now following his retention as head of Ghana’s football governing body on Thursday.

President Simeon-Okraku received 117 of the 120 votes cast – representing 97.1% of votes to continue as the head of Ghana’s football for the next four-years.

He affirmed his quest to make Ghana football attractive across board and competitive on all fronts.

‘’Indeed in the last four-years, we have made some good steps in fixing the fundamentals of the sport and to ensure that our country is competitive on all fronts’’ President Simeon-Okraku said in his post-election speech.

‘’The confidence you have reposed in us to go the extra mile to ensuring that our game becomes enjoyable just the way we want to have’’

‘’I know I made a lot of good friends. At the same time I know I also know there were enemies. For all of us who love football and have been on this journey together, whoever I offended I say I am sorry. If I did wrong you, it was for footballing reasons. I have always said the road will never be smooth and easy but we will get there’’.

‘’That is why I called on all of you to come together because the GFA is ready to listen to the other minds’’.

‘’A new chapter of developing our game is now, a new chapter of ensuring the growth of our game awaits us and as a family we owe it a duty to solve our problems’’ he added.

President Simeon-Okraku and his new Executive Council will hold their positions for the next four-years.


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