A ‘Soldier’ at 5

A ‘Soldier’ at 5

Young Michelle in her military uniform

Even at the age of five, little Michelle Asamoah knows that it is important to fight for her country to defend her citizens and maintain peace and security.

Based on this, she is determined to be an officer of the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) specifically with the Military Police when she grows.

Young Michelle disclosed this in an interview with The Spectator on Friday while returning from school in her ‘military outfit.’

Walking majestically, probably rehearsing for what the future throws at her, to the admiration of people that met her, she responded with confidence to questions posed by this Reporter.

As the traffic lights went red, many drivers and passengers in the various vehicles around the Base Ordnance Depot at El-wak near the 37 lorry station could not help but admire young Michelle both from far and near.

Although she appeared to be an ‘officer’ of few words, she was straight to the point with her views.

The second year Kindergarten pupil of the Base Ordnance Depot Basic School located at El-walk in the Greater Accra Region said she admired soldiers and hopes to become one in future.

Her mother, Ms Belinda Nsiah Acheampong, a resident of Accra Newtown who accompanies her to and from school said she had observed her child’s interest in the profession and would give her the full support.

She said her daughter’s teacher had informed her (Ms Acheampong) that they were treating a topic about careers and each child was required to dress up in the profes­sion he or she wished to part of.

And since young Michelle had made it known to everyone around her an ambition to become a Military Officer, her appearance in a military attire came as little surprise to all.

In an interview with her father, Michael Yaw Asamoah, a Librarian, he said he was happy his daughter has chosen that path and was en­couraging the spirit of patriotism in her to enable her achieve her goal.

He dis­closed that while growing up, he also had dreams of becoming a military officer but that had not materialised and so he was happy that his daughter had chosen the path.

He expressed optimism that with the right push from her parents and the grace of God, she would be what she desired to be to contrib­ute her quota to the development of the nation.

 From Dzifa Tetteh Tay, Tema

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