Abigail strives for excellence in HR practice

Abigail strives for excellence in HR practice

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Abigail Anakwa-Poh, a HR practi­tioner and banking professional is one of the students who graduat­ed with distinction from the University of Ghana Business School last Saturday with a Master of Business Administra­tion (MBA) in Human Resource Man­agement.

For Abigail, the attainment of the new degree, which was secured through determination and hard work, is an achievement in the broader aim for higher quality knowledge and excellence in the corporate field, es­pecially in the area of human resource management.

• Abigail (2nd left) with her mates

She exemplifies the many women pursing higher education while climb­ing the corporate ladder, amidst the challenges of keeping the home and managing private businesses.

Abigail currently works as the Customer Support Associate at the National Investment Bank where she oversees various aspects of people management, customer support strat­egies and execution, including train­ing, employee engagement, customer engagement, and learning and devel­opment.

Abigail Anakwa-Poh

With over a decade of experience in the banking industry, Abigail has previ­ously worked with some of the leading banks in Ghana including Absa Bank Ghana Limited and Consolidated Bank Ghana in various banking and adminis­trative functions.

Endowed with a deep understanding of the banking industry and its asso­ciated HR challenges, Abigail believes HR practitioners can overcome the emerging challenges through innova­tive and inclusive HR strategies.

As a woman who is passionate about HR and continuous learning, the drive to pursue the HR MBA programme was motivated by her need to further sharpen her skills and knowledge to operate more effectively in supporting organisational growth.

She believes that combining her experience with the new knowledge from the MBA programme, would propel her for greater excellence in the workplace, enhance her personal brand, and help her to become a more valuable asset to her organisation in promoting productive employee expe­rience.

“As HR practitioners, we play a criti­cal role in building a better workplace for employees and creating value for the business. Our work has a positive impact not only on individuals and businesses but also on the nation as a whole.

“By attracting and retaining the best talent, providing a safe and inclusive workplace, and fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration, we con­tribute to the success of the organisa­tion and the growth of the economy,” she said.

In the field of entrepreneurship, Abigail, an alumnus of Mfantsiman Girls Senior High and the African Uni­versity College of Communication, has through her extensive industry knowl­edge and expertise, successfully built strategies that drive business growth and enhance employee experience.

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