Abolo or Ablo is a gluten free sweet and slightly sour, steamed dumpling, which is popular amongst the Ewes of Ghana, Togo, Côte D’Ivoire and Benin. 

Abolo is made with corn and rice flour, sugar, baking powder andyeast. 

It is best enjoyed with a spicy tomato salsa (known as raw pepper), and fried tiny white baits known as ‘one man thousand’.

Note: Steaming the Ablo or Abolo in a banana leaf, will require a thicker mixture, hence add the extra dry ingredients.

It can be  Abolo with Ademe dessi, shito, okro soup etc.

• Abolo and ‘one man thousand’


100grammes of corn flour

60 grammes of corn starch 

300grammes ofrice flour

Half  teaspoonsful of baking soda

7grammes of dry yeast

2 tablespoonfuls of sugar



  • Clean maize
  • Wash in clean water.
  • Grind into small grits.
  • Wash grits in clean water to further remove the chaff.
  • Mix washed grits with sifted flour and allow to stand for one hour. Mill the mixture into a fine texture.
  • Divide  finely milled flour into two parts.
  • Add salt and a little water to one part of the flour.
  • Put on fire and cook partially to obtain an aflata.
  • Add the wheat flour and mix well.
  • Add the rest of the cornflour, stir to form a stiff paste.
  • Fetch and wrap the soft paste in clean leaves.
  • Arrange in a steamer and steam for some minutes over boiling water.
  • Remove from steamer and serve with your desired sauce, stew or soup with fried fish.

Source: Pulse.comgh

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