Achimota School celebrates 97th Anniversary, unveils Centenary Logo

Achimota School celebrates 97th Anniversary, unveils Centenary Logo

Achimota School, one of Ghana’s most prominent schools, celebrated its 97th birthday with great fervour and unveiled its centenary logo to formally start the countdown to the significant milestone.

The event, held on Saturday, January 27, 2024 to commemorate the day Achimota was established, saw a convergence of current students, management and staff as well as Akoras (alumni of the school) at the forecourt of the administration block, setting the stage for a three-year build up leading to the monumental 100th-year milestone in 2027.

The celebration commenced with a spirited 6km health walk, organized as part of the Old Achimotan Association (OAA)’s commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle. The walk aimed to foster unity and wellbeing among the Akora community, many of whom regularly participate in fitness activities at the school.

During the festivities, the President of the Old Achimotan Association, Akora Joel Nettey, unveiled the theme for the centenary celebrations –

“Achimota@100: Celebrating the Vision; Honouring the Legacy; Inspiring the Future.” He explained that the theme encapsulates three integral aspects: celebrating the founders’ vision, honouring the rich legacy of the institution, and inspiring future generations to uphold the school’s values and it’s unique focus on ensuring well-rounded humans by educating “the head, the heart and the hand.”

Addressing the gathering, the Headmaster of Achimota School, Mr. Ebenezer Acquaah, expressed gratitude for the support received from the Akora community, emphasizing that Achimota’s success can be attributed in great part to the continued involvement and contributions of its alumni.

“Over the years, Achimota School has strived to achieve what the founders envisioned for the school. The idea to celebrate Achimota School’s birthday each year with a flag-raising ceremony started last year, and I believe it’s a good rallying point and occasion to remind all about the ideals on which Achimota was founded,” he said.

He also thanked Akoras and highlighted their vital role in supporting the school through various projects and renovations.

The Chairman of the Achimota@100 Planning Committee, Akora Harold Esseku, outlined the plans and programmes leading up to the centenary celebration.

Events such as the Achimota Speaks, Homecoming, Achimota Subjugates in Worship, Records Nights, Choral Fests, Blood Donation Campaigns as well as a drive from “Gambaga to Accra” are among the flagship events planned to commemorate this historic occasion.

The Executive Secretary of the Old Achimota Association, Akora Eunice Quarcoopome, called on Akoras worldwide to look forward to a momentous centenary celebration in 2027. She assured Akoras that the Centenary Committee and the OAA Secretariat would coordinate all events throughout the lead-up year, ensuring a memorable and impactful celebration for all Akoras, their families, and friends.

The celebration climaxed with the symbolic raising of the Ghana and Achimota flags, symbolizing unity and pride in the school’s heritage.

The highlight of the event was the official unveiling of the centenary logo, a visual representation of the school’s 100-year journey and the collective achievements of its students, staff, and alumni.

Excitement, affection for, and a sense of duty to preserve the history and build on the legacy of Achimota School will be exhibited during the journey leading up to the hundredth anniversary.

The Achimota community is preparing for the historic milestone in 2027, and the next three years are expected to be a time of reflection, celebration, inspiration and giving back to the school.

The countdown to the Achimota Centenary has indeed begun.

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