Address concerns of youth to stay in Ghana

Address concerns of youth to stay in Ghana

Ghanaian youth at Kotoka International Airport

 Dear Editor,

The increasing exodus of the youth has become a matter of concern, prompting me to reflect on the reasons behind this trend.

It is disconcerting to witness the departure of our young talents in pur­suit of better opportunities, be it for education or greener pastures.

The fundamental question arises: Why are our youth opting to leave the country in such large numbers?

Through conversations with numer­ous individuals who have embarked on this journey, a recurrent theme emerges – the quest for greener pas­tures and the desire to pursue higher education.

However, one cannot overlook the consistent response that points towards a lack of hope for the youth within our national borders.

This raises the pressing need to address the root causes propelling our youth to seek opportunities else­where.

The prevailing situation underscores the urgency for our government to implement strategic measures, fos­tering a robust system that not only encourages the youth to remain in their homeland but also enables them to thrive professionally.

The plea is not merely a call for individuals to stay, but an invitation for them to find fulfillment and joy in contributing to the development of our nation.

In urging the government to take proactive steps, it is paramount to emphasise the importance of cre­ating a conducive environment for the youth. This involves the estab­lishment of job opportunities across different regions, thereby distributing economic activities evenly.

By adopting a regional approach to job creation, we not only address unemployment concerns but also contribute to the overall economic growth of our nation.

Creating jobs at the regional level has multifaceted benefits. It does not only provide employment opportuni­ties for the youth but also acts as a catalyst for economic development in diverse geographical areas.

Moreover, regional job creation could be instrumental in alleviating the strain on urban centres, distributing economic activities and promoting balanced growth.

The ripple effect of region-specific employment opportunities extends beyond reducing unemployment rates. It has the potential to bolster our national revenue, thereby miti­gating the need for excessive borrow­ing.

A financially stable nation is better equipped to address pressing issues, invest in infrastructure, and provide essential services to its citizens.

As a concerned citizen, I earnestly hope that these suggestions are con­sidered seriously by the government for the betterment of our beloved country.

It is my fervent wish that the leadership recognises the urgency of creating an environment where the youth feel not only secured but also inspired to contribute their skills and talents towards nation-building.

Let our collective efforts be direct­ed towards fostering a Ghana where the youth see opportunities on their doorstep, where hope is rekindled, and where the pursuit of a better future aligns with the commitment to the prosperity of our nation.

Samuel Opare Sawovi


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