Adopt innovative ways and strategies to enhance work – Dr. Nana Ato Arthur to public servants

Adopt innovative ways and strategies to enhance work – Dr. Nana Ato Arthur to public servants

The Head of Local Government Service, Dr Nana Ato Arthur has urged Local Government Administrative Officers to adopt innovative ways and strategies that would enhance the work of the local government service and ensure quality service delivery to the public.

He said innovation was the new currency for development and added the need for local government administrative officers to build upon their skills, enhance their competencies and bring them on board the service.

“The world has changed into a digital one with innovation becoming the new currency driving it and we need to take advantage of it,” he said while he advised them to adopt innovative ways by providing institutional memory, and identify alternatives to enhance their capabilities for effective service delivery.

Dr Nana Ato Arthur was speaking at the 4th Annual Conference and General Meeting held in Koforidua organised by the Ghana Association of Local Government Administrative Officers (GALGA).

The two-day conference, on the theme “Building the Capacity of the Administrative Officer for Effective Delivery” brought together GALGA members made up of coordinating directors, budget planning officers and financial officers, among others, from across the country to review their performance and share information and ideas to sharpen their skills to better deliver quality service to the public.

Speaking on the theme, Nana Ato Aurthur said there was a need to build the capacity of the administrative officers as per section 51 of the Local Governance Act to secure effective administration and management of the decentralized local government system in the country.

He said in addition to innovation, the officers must exhibit leadership, good management and ethics if they wanted to achieve effective and efficient service delivery.

“As professionals in this service, the expectation on you is very high within the decentralized local governance system and you are required to contribute to the creation of excellence in local governance by advocating and developing professional management in the regional coordinating councils and metropolitan, municipal and district assemblies where you find yourselves,” he noted.

He said the local government service was faced with a challenge of change with the new performance management concept shifting from working in silos to working as a team, hence the need for the officers to embrace interdepartmental and inter-sectoral cooperation and collaboration to serve their clients in the various MMDAs.

The Head of Local Government Service, called on them to show respect to their clients and practice the ethics of the job as professionals whose service delivery was pivotal in the work of the MMDA.

For his part, the National President of GALGA, Mr Edmond Osei said the conference was essential to improve service delivery offered by the administrative officers to meet the current expectations of the public.

He said the theme for the conference would ensure that the officers build their capacity and competencies to make them more qualified and capable of delivering in their offices.

From Ama Tekyiwaa Ampadu Agyeman, Koforidua

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