Alex Kotey gets nod … as GFA Referees Manager

Alex Kotey gets nod … as GFA Referees Manager

The Ghana Football Association (GFA) has appointed retired FIFA Referee Alexander Kotey as the new Referees Manager of the association.

Aside his rich profile, he was said to have endeared himself to the Football Association, making his engagement not much of a difficult undertaking.

Indeed, according to the FA’s website, Kotey’s nomination received strong approval of the Executive Council – pending the way for the General Secretary to appoint him as the Referees Manager of the GFA as the experienced retired referee came tops, following a rigorous recruitment process by the association.

The Referees Manager will head the Refereeing Department of the GFA and shall report to the General Secretary.

Among other roles, the Referees Manager will assist the Referees Committee, implement decisions adopted by the Referees Committee, carry out all tasks related to the logistics of refereeing, carry out all administrative duties of the Refereeing Department, and implement programmes to develop referees according to the guidelines approved by the Referees Committee.

The appointment of the Referees Manager by the General Secretary is in accordance with Article 44 (k) of the GFA Statutes 2019, which states as among the functions of the General Secretary that “he (General Secretary) will propose to the Executive Council for approval, the appointment of Deputy General Secretaries. All other appointments may be made by the General Secretary subject to the approval of the Executive Council”.

Alex Kotey, a 2006 SWAG (Sports Writers Association of Ghana) Referee of the Year, has worked as a Referees Instructor, Referee Assessor and also a Match Commissioner.

The retired FIFA referee officiated at the 2008 Africa Cup of Nations held in Ghana. He has also handled games at the CAF Under-20 level and the CAF Champions League, where he handled matches up to the semi-final level in 2007.

Mr Kotey is a FIFA – Futuro III Technical Trainee Coach, Referee Assessor and also a CAF Technical Coach and CAF Technical Assessor.

He has previously served on the GFA Disciplinary Committee and the Referees Committee.

The award-winning retired referee sees himself as a team player with excellent interpersonal relations and good communication skills. He is also adaptable with a flexible mindset.

He will be offered a one-year renewable contract based on performance, the statement added.


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