All set for I See You Ky33 at West Legon from December 27 – 30

The people of West Legon, Sobber Avenue will have a memorable Christmas as some members of the community have put together an event to thrill everyone.

The programme dubbed ‘I See You Ky33’ is aimed at bringing people in the community together, creating a networking environment and instilling in them a sense of commitment towards society.

Speaking to, the lead organiser, Kwame Kondor said the event will start on December 27 with a day for kids in the community dubbed “Can You Imagine,” where the children are to image how Ghana or Accra will be like in the next 10 years.

He added that the children will show that through prototypes at Kissieman Park, coupled with skating, eating, drinking, face painting, dance lessons and other exciting activities.

The next day, December 28 will be General Cleaning,Tree Planting, followed by float and a long dinner table in the night and a vigil for lost souls within the year.

December 29 will be dedicated to a Fashion Show, Bike Stunt and Open Mic section on the street and live band session for the elders in the community.

Patrons on December 30, enjoy some moments with masquerades in the morning, Bike Stunt and mounting a stage for musical performances in a street carnival setting.

The organisers urged the members of the community to fully participate in the activities for a memorable time.

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