‘Allow professionals to help you’

‘Allow professionals to help you’

Dr Constantini

 A consultant Obstetrician Gynaecologist, Dr. Dixie Constantini, has said that some deaths among women, relating to gynae­cological problems and child birth could have been prevented if they had sought for help from their doctors.

Speaking with The Spectator on Sunday, Dr. Constantini said the little knowledge about the human body, false and misleading information on social media and the blatant exploitation of women seeking medical assis­tance have contributed to make a number of women shy away from the medical profession­als to seek for help.

This, according to Dr. Constantini, poses a threat to women who she advised to always seek help from the trained medical profes­sionals in Obstetrics and Gynecology.

“An Obstetrician Gynaecologist is the best doctor for you if you have any women-related issues. It takes lots of years of dedication to become one,” she said.

She narrated how a young lady lost her life due to her ignorance about ectopic pregnancy.

“Instead of seeking medical attention, she resorted to prayer, believing to have a safe period of pregnancy and delivery but it rup­tured and took her life.”

She said ectopic pregnancies (a pregnancy in which the fetus develops outside the uter­us, typically in a fallopian tube) are dangerous and needed to be dealt with in the hospital.

According to Dr Constantini, such things must not happen in this day and age and as a result has created a Facebook on which she has reached out to thousands of women all over the world to educate them for free for over four years.

Some of the notable topics discussed over the years were Postpartum Depression, Cae­sarean Session, Vaginal Steaming, InVitro Fer­tilisation (IVF), Egg Donation and the need for male involvement in the pregnancy journey.

She said their expertise cannot be replaced by Google because the body of a woman was more complex than one thinks.

With almost a decade of practice, she noted that every mother needed to talk to an Obstetrician Gynaecologist at least once during their pregnancy.

 From Dzifa Tetteh Tay, Tema.

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