Almonds Innovations launches Healthy Options e-commerce site

Almonds Innovations launches Healthy Options e-commerce site

Almonds Innovations on Thursday at a ceremony chaired by Prof. Nii Quaynor, Internet Pioneer in West Africa and creator of first e-commerce system in Ghana launched its flagship brand, Healthy Options Lifestyle e-commerce portal that trades in healthy products.

The platform is accompanied by a free online information hub which provides pertinent wellness information, sourced from various platforms and experts for its users.

Leveraging technology, the e-commerce portal is an interface of partner companies essentially, local entrepreneurs trading in various healthy products such as seeds, spices, juices, dried fruits, essential oils and skin care products, allowing clients to choose from a varied range of healthy products, as per their health needs. 

The portal comes at a crucial time when the COVID-19 pandemic has made more people health conscious and has accompanying features that are in line with recent trends – flexible payment systems (mobile money and online payments) and swift delivery services across the country.   

Speaking at the launch, Mr. Eric Akumiah, CEO of Almonds Innovations, expressed his optimism for the brand and noted that the idea of the e-commerce site stemmed from a need to make the right choices to remain healthy with age amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Adding, “this can only be arrived at when one has an alternative option to choose from, the reason we have developed this innovative portal to be a one-stop online shop for healthy foods and beverages.”

Mr. Akumiah further indicated that natural organic food and beverages have inherent healing capabilities when utilized can be of enormous help for the young and old alike. Consequently, the information hub is designed to guide users on the benefits of natural foods and how to apply them healing diverse illnesses.   

He finally encouraged Ghanaians to patronize the platform and urged producer groups who fall within the company’s product categories to join as brand partners to further expand its reach.  

Some of the partner companies who graced the event include Crescent Juices, manufacturers of sugar-free beverages; Yvaya producers of dried fruits; True Moringa, manufacturers of moringa-based food supplements and Miss Cookie, producers of spices.

Almonds Innovations is a registered entity in Ghana, dedicated to providing solutions to problems across sectors through innovation.

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