Angel! Look out!

Angel and his grandpa live on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.
Grandpa is tired.
‘I’m going to sleep now, Angel. Be good, and don’t go past the coral!
There are lots of dangerous animals out there.’
‘Hi, Angel. What are you doing?’
‘I’m bored. Grandpa is asleep.’
‘Do you want to come and play?’
‘Yes, let’s go!’
‘Look, Turtle! A ball!’
‘Look out! That isn’t a ball! It’s a dangerous octopus! Swim!’
‘Angel! Look out! There’s a dangerous fish behind you! Angel, you must be careful here. You’ve got tostay with me!’
‘I’m sorry, Turtle. Look! I’ve got a present for you.’
‘Aargh! This is a dangerous cone shell! Drop it quickly, Angel!’
‘I’m tired, Turtle. Can we rest here?’
‘Don’t sit here, Angel! There’s a dangerous sea snake! Quick! Swim!’
‘Where are we?’
‘I don’t know. I think we’re lost. Look out, Angel! That’s a box jellyfish! Swim!’
‘Look out, Turtle! A dangerous animal is behind you!’
‘That’s not a dangerous animal. It’s Doug. He’s my friend.’
‘Hello, Doug. We’re lost. Can you help us?’
‘Yes, I can help you. I’ll take you home.’
‘Hello, Angel.’
‘Hello, Grandpa.’
‘Oh, you’ve been a very good fish, Angel. Here’s a present for you.’
‘Thanks, Grandpa!

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