‘Ayekoo’ to Ghana for hosting inaugural African Games

 Dear Editor,

I am writing to express my profound delight as a Ghanaian over our country’s unprece­dented opportunity to host the African Games for the first time.

This momentous occasion fills my heart with joy and pride, and I am compelled to commend the government for its foresight and initiative in bringing such a prestigious event to our nation.

For years, Ghana has longed for an opportunity to showcase its capabilities on the conti­nental stage, and hosting the African Games signifies a signif­icant milestone in our nation’s history.

The prospect of welcoming athletes from across Africa to compete on our soil is a testa­ment to Ghana’s growing stature and influence in the region.

Moreover, the overwhelming support and enthusiasm shown by Ghanaians towards this event are truly commendable. From the grassroots to the highest echelons of society, there has been a groundswell of excite­ment and anticipation, under­scoring the unity and collective spirit of our nation.

I extend my heartfelt appreci­ation to all Ghanaians who have contributed to the success of this endeavour, whether through their active participation, volunteerism, or unwavering support.

Together, we have demon­strated our capacity to host world-class events and showcase the rich cultural heritage and hospitality for which Ghana is renowned.

As the games unfold, I am confident that they will serve as a platform for fostering unity, friendship, and sportsmanship among nations.

May this historic occasion pave the way for future op­portunities to elevate Ghana’s profile on the global stage and inspire future generations to pursue excellence in sports and beyond.

James Essah Baah,


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