Bawku Conflict: Have we not had enough?

Dear Editor,

Every other day, we hear of curfew in Bawku but it appears everything returns to ground zero after these restrictions are imposed as one cannot predict when the next disturbance pop up.

Consistent efforts to bring peace to the area do not seem to yield any lasting results. Recent development in the area remain a cause for worry and I think it is time residents, opinion leaders, security agencies, and stakeholders came together to say ‘enough is enough.’

The recurring conflict has undermined social and economic development in the area.  Feuding factions must be reminded of this reality and the need to drop their weapons.

Following the recent disturbance on February 1, 2023, a fact-finding mission had been deployed and were told investigations would be concluded in due time. Security experts admit there are many factors at play in the conflict, and that perhaps explains the unresolved nature of the conflict.

Whatever be the case, I believe we must do all it takes to bring lasting peace to area. We must not entertain individuals or groups who do not want the conflict to end, if there are any.

I am not a security expert but I guess we can resolve the worrying Bawku conflict, once and for all, by adopting the same strategy applied in ending and uniting the people Dagbon in the Northern Region subsequent to their protracted chieftaincy disputes.

Stakeholders can come up with a clear roadmap and timeline to ending the conflict if for for instance, we give ourselves up to the year 2025 to re-identify and tackle the entire root causes of the conflict so as to ensure lasting peace and sustainable development in Bawku.

The year is still young and residents within the enclave cannot continue to live in fear. Whatever needs to be done, should be done as quickly as possible.

Alice Konadu,Tafo-Kukurantumi

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