‘Be courageous, enthusiastic’ – Ebo Whyte inspires young software developers

‘Be courageous, enthusiastic’ – Ebo Whyte inspires young software developers

Ghanaian playwright and author, Mr James Ebo Whyte, has advised newly trained software developers to exhibit courage and enthusiasm as they step into the world of work.

He stressed the importance of staying organised and delivering on promises to persons within and outside professional networks as technprenuers applied their skills to solve problems.

The renowned speaker was addressing participants at the 4th edition of Codetrain Africa Tech Career Seminar in Accra, where about 96 trainees who had acquired skills in software development were awarded certificates.

Codetrain Africa is a leading coding bootcamp dedicated to providing hands-on training to young people. The ‘Demo Day’ event saw trainees demonstrate various mobile and web-based applications meant to provide real life solutions.

Speaking at the forum, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Roverman Productions, said there were codes to life just as computers and softwares had their own programming.

Defining the “codes” to life, he said the trainees must strive to apply the principles of confidence, organisation, delivery and enthusiasm as they aim to excel in their respective fields.

“Life is about courage; if you do not have courage, you may as well give up. Life is not for the timid, the timid wins nothing. Leave here with the understanding of the importance of courage; without that, nothing will happen,” he stated.

Pointing out other attributes required for personal and professional growth, he urged the students to position themselves as persons who deliver results beyond expectations.

Uncle Ebo observed that some people took delight in being “disorganised” but software developers should learn to organise their lives, thoughts and time as they continue to be creative.

“In life you can sail or you can drift; the ship that is drifting is not different from the ship that is sailing – the difference is in the results. The ship that is drifting never gets to its destination; the ship that is sailing gets to a destination,” he stressed.

To this end, the theater practitioner tasked the graduands to define a clear path for their lives, maintain a good work-life balance in order to remain productive.

“In your business, character pays because that is how you get recommendations. Enthusiasm makes all the difference. It is your power; it will make people notice you,” he said.

Mr Whyte congratulated Codetrain Africa for giving a direction to young people to tap opportunities in the technology industry.

Some of the softwares presented by the students, at the end of the 12-month course, included applications that simplify payment processes, expense tracking applications, money saving applications, bus ticketing, and loan management platforms.

Mr Richard Brandt, Chief Executive Officer, Codetrain Africa, said talent knows no boundaries, therefore, empowering the youth with coding skills was a step to nurturing future leaders, innovators and change makers.

“These young minds are now equipped to contribute to the global tech ecosystem, bringing diverse perspectives and impactful solutions.

“Our commitment extends beyond the classroom. We aspire to bridge the gap between potential and opportunity, ensuring that Africa youth not participate but lead in shaping the digital future,” he said.

He added that Codetrain Africa, delivering its mission, has trained over 600 people with 89 percent gaining employment with local and international companies within nine months after graduation.

Mr Kena Amoah, CEO, MITA, also advised the graduate continue sharpening their skills and form partnerships to enable them grow in the industry.

“It is always better to succeed together. People will contribute to your success and you will contribute to other people’s success. Stay humble and learn from those ahead of you,” he said.

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