Bearing our economic burden together

National reconstruction calls for mobilisation of resources for the purpose of rebuilding what has gone wrong to promote smooth economic development for people in the country.

To be able to do this, we need to ensure that the burden is borne equally by everyone in the country, as part of contributing our quota towards national development.

In a situation where only a handful of people pays taxes to generate revenue into the national coffers for the sake of national development, the system can be said to be unfair since a substantial portion of people may not be seen to be contributing their quota to national development.

It is in the light of this that the government must adopt strategies to rope in more people into the tax net. When this is done, more people will be forced to contribute to national development in terms of paying taxes to raise revenue for the country.

Construction of roads, hospitals, schools, railways and many of such development projects require that we raise enough revenue to cover such expenses. We need to do this on regular basis to ensure that development projects are distributed to all sections of the population, so that every person or group of people will have their fair share of the national cake.

Many people in the formal sector are already contributing their quota through payment of taxes.

However, it is known that a large section of the country’s population does not pay tax. This is very unfortunate.

The Spectator is of the view that anyone who is involved in any kind of trade, no matter how small the scale is, ought to be made to pay some tax, so that together we can all enjoy good drinking water, good roads and health facilities for the good of everyone in this country.

Rome was not built in a day, so we must all agree to contribute our quota, so that over a period of time, we can all share in the glory of our own developmental agenda.

Government is already making some effort in this direction by ensuring that, to be able to register a business in this country, a person’s TIN number will be required for that purpose. This means that you cannot register a business entity without your TIN number.

We believe these are the measures needed to ensure that everyone is brought into the tax net, so that, together, we can all contribute to national revenue and help in the reconstruction of our country.

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