Beauty can be deceptive …Rev. Father cautions youth on choosing partners

Beauty can be deceptive …Rev. Father cautions youth on choosing partners

● Marriage is beautiful but partners must choose carefully

The Parish Priest of the St. Augustine Catholic Church, Ashaiman, in the Greater Accra Region, Reverend Father Ignatius Ayivor has advised the youth not to focus on looks when searching for women to marry.

He said the youth should allow God to guide them be­cause “when they are enlight­ened by the word of God they would see beyond the appear­ances of people because looks fade with time”.

Delivering his sermon on Sunday at a “Unity Mass”, Rev Fr. Ayivor said he was baffled that some young ladies fo­cused on the clothes a suitor would wear.

“Some of the ladies will look at you up and down and take a good look at your shoes. I do not know why they are so interested in the shoes a man is wearing ,” he wondered.

Rev Fr. Ayivor observed that some young ladies who prioritised appearances over the directions of God and the potentials in their suitors had ended up making irreversible mistakes but, sadly, other young ladies continued to do same.

He advised young men to also learn to be humble not carry themselves about with pride as some would always do.

“Let me tell you, no lady would like to marry a man who is proud” he cautioned.

He described pride as “dirty” and should not be encouraged under any circum­stances because humans were nothing without God.

“God is the source of all we have” the Parish Priest said and advised the congre­gation to be led by the wis­dom of God rather than “book knowledge.”

 From Dzifa Tetteh Tay, Ashaiman.

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