Beethoven Opoku Agyeman gets WODIF Honour

Beethoven Opoku Agyeman gets WODIF Honour

The World Diplomatic Federation (WODIF) has officially extended invitation to His Noble Meritor Beethoven Opoku
Agyemang to fellowship with the world’s most respectful and great human family.

The invitation was strictly
based on accomplishments including supporting community development programmes through
philanthropy or humanitarianism, special voluntary service, specialty in industry and
Investments, legal aid, civil society, tradition know-how, dispute settlement, youth and student

The exploits had won him this accolade to be Honorary Associate Councilor –Council for
Global Innovation and Modernization Initiatives(West AfricanFellow)classified as first-rated business magnate with a reverential title.

“His Noble Meritor or Mériter Beethoven Opoku
Agyemang in your capacity to connect and relate to West African governments on WODIF
initiatives programsand projects,” the statement said.

The World Diplomatic Federation,WODIF is a nonpartisan, independent civil organization
dedicated to international cooperation hitherto founded to create the most respected diplomatic
platform for economic growth and development through forums, conferences, dialogues, festivals,
honorary award ceremonies, trade, finance and investment amalgamation network, national
cooperation and liberalization, relative world health issues, food security and sustainable
environment, managing international relations hencesustaining peace and security and as well
managing, negotiating and resolving conflict.

WODIF is subject to projecting, promoting, and strengthening global companionship in all
disciplines, albeit to support the role, functions and responsibilities of United Nations and other
international related organizations’ core values.

This platform supervenes the individual affluent and
the influential in the global society to uniquely come together as one family of greatness.

The organization is registered in Newberg Oregon, USA, having its proposed continental head
offices in Germany –Europe, Brazil –South America, Japan –Asia, Ghana –Africa; Atlanta,Georgia –(North America) USA, aiming at inviting all walks of life into this social and economic fellowship (Membership).

Membership is strictly
by invitation after a thorough investigation is done on you, justifying your holistic personality without criminal records before induction into fellowship.

The organization has the privilege through its Supreme Sovereign Authority to invite also Politicians, Diplomats, Entrepreneurs, Business moguls, Bankers, Barristers, Physicians, Engineers, Security Experts, Great Scientists, Philanthropists, Celebrities and top-level Journalist to fellowship.

In a release from WODIF’s communication department, it stated “the world today, needs the support of the individual and corporate affluent society to champion the cause of salvaging to salving the challenges facing global communities, and for this reason, you are
required respectfully to tender your acceptance by writing officially to us.”

“The Supreme Sovereign
Authority upon your acceptance letter is received; would call for an official induction in a closed
door, private gathering or in an open inaugural ceremony will be held to commemorate you,” it added.

“In your consummation and participation as a Classified Fellow of WODIF, you will be
entitled to be among the first recipients in history to be awarded the PHERENIKE (The Victorious
One),”it added.

It added, “This honorary title will be conferred on successful individuals who, by virtue of their
affluence,and influence over the world, distinguish themselves holistically.The organization upon your acceptance would want you to have press releases and briefings to inform the general public towards the inaugural induction.”

The Missionary Bureur of the World Diplomatic Federation in Africa presiding in Ghana; has officially scheduled the
inauguration for Friday,
January, 19,2024 at the Accra International Conference Center at 12 noon prompt.

The prime purpose of this Federation is to establish a common platform that will
bring together great and excellent achievers around the world to address international issues with one

“Your invitation to join ‘WODIF’ is with the expectation that you will bring aboard your
expertise and experience to bear on relative issues,” it said.

“However, you will always be notified of the necessary arrangements in advance where and whenever
your presence will be needed at any given location different from your permanent place of abode,” it added.

“The organization after the inaugural induction, will fully gazette your membership at the Supreme Court of competent jurisdiction to serve permanently for four years as ceremonial fellow and leader,” it stressed.

“On joining WODIF, you are to note that your role, functions and responsibilities will officially be handled by a team of Emissaries under the directives of the Secretariat Commissioner since your affluence may not permit you to be fully engage at all times,” it stated.

By notice, the US Ambassador Virginia Evelyn Plamer, our Special Guest of the occasion, and other
diplomatic representation Ambassadors or High Commissioners from UK, Germany, China, France,
Japan, Canada, Israel, Turkey, Belgium, Brazil, Morrocco, Nigeria, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Egypt, Algeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, Angola, Congo, South Africa, and Malawi will grace the occasion to
decorate the Honorees.

The event is under the auspices of Diaspora Affairs of the Office of the President and involving other ministries participating in our upcoming US Africa Companionship
Festival and Summit.

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