Bishop Dr. Charles Hackman grabs 2 global awards

Bishop Dr. Charles Hackman grabs 2 global awards

Bishop Hackman

The concept of great­ness is an idea that courts the desire of many but only a few painstakingly dare to tread on that path.

What is even more unique in climbing the ladder of greatness is when out of the goodness of your heart and your love for humanity, you labour tirelessly to ensure that your very existence is of great benefit to men and in return, greatness comes knocking on your door.

In the just-ended Global Well Respected Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) Awards held in Singapore, another historic moment was made to confirm the maxim, loyalty pays.

The CEO of the H4P Organisation, Bishop Dr. Charles Cofie Hackman, who is fondly known as the Helping Hand Man, was honoured with two outstanding Awards; The Global Well Respected CEO in the Disability Advocacy and the Global Well Respected CEO in the manufacturing of home care products.

The prestigious Glob­al Well Respected CEOs Awards come as the current additions to his impressive portfolio of honours and awards re­ceived by him both locally and internationally.

Bishop Dr. Hackman, also the CEO of DV Un­limited Company Limited is widely known for his philanthropic work. The Company specialises in the manufac­turing and distribution of Home care and personal care products under the brand name DV Kliners.

The peculiarity in the business of DV Unlimited is that, all its proceeds are channelled to support Persons with Disabilities (PWDs). This system was engineered by the abled leader­ship of the Bishop having realised the difficulty Non-Governmental Oragani­sations (NGOs) often face in receiving funding and support for their humani­tarian deeds.

For more than a decade, Bishop Dr Hackman, has been an extraordinary personality who has gained prominence over the years due to his endearing affec­tion for the vulnerable in society especially PWDs.

Having noticed how PWDs have over the years fought for parity when it comes to societal inclusion, Bishop Dr Hackman pursued the vision of bringing dignity to disability by magnifying the abilities of PWDs.

Through the H4P Organisation – an NGO with special consultative status with the Economic and Social Coun­cil of the United Nations (ECOSOG) that advocates for PWDs, Bishop Dr. Hackman’s years of disability advoca­cy earlier this year, earned him the dis­tin­guished Doctor of Letters Honoris (Hon. D. Litt) from the esteemed American Heritage University of Southern California in the United States of America (USA).

The H4P Organisation operates under two broad categories; the Helping Hand Community Project and the Helping Hand TV Show.

The Helping Hand Community Project provides a vast support system in the areas of education, finance, sports, entertainment, health, consultation, logistics, etc. to individuals with disability, families of persons with disability, special education schools, as well as other stakeholders and disability oriented organisations.

The Helping Hand TV Show, the first and only disability focused TV show in Ghana, provides authentic education and advocacy on disabil­ity issues. It gives in-depth knowl­edge about disability as well as showcases successful persons with disability in and outside Ghana.

Other unique and first-time initiatives by the H4P Organisation include the H4P Inter-schools Dis­ability fun- games, where disability schools all over the country congre­gate to partake in sports activities.

The Ability Praise Concert, is a platform that throws the spotlight on the amazing talents and abilities of PWDs in the Arts and Entertain­ment Industry and the Christina Hackman Impact Leadership Awards (C.H.I.L. Awards), an award scheme instituted by the H4P Organisation to honour and acknowledge the people who contribute signifi­cantly towards the develop­ment of the disability com­munity and also towards national development.

For his selfless dedi­cation in advancing the rights and inclusivity of individuals with disability in Ghana, Bishop Dr. Hackman received the esteemed Dr. Seidu Danaa Special Award in 2013, an Honorary Doctorate in Divinity and Humanity by the Calvary Cross Clergy Council and Bible Seminary in 2019.

He also received the Ghana Leadership Awards in October, 2020, Africa’s Most Respected CEO (Manufacturing Category), the Timothy Bowles African Human Rights Leadership Award, in 2021, Doctor of Letters (D. Litt.) in 2023 and the list is unending.

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