Bolt Ghana celebrates women on International Women’s Day

Bolt Ghana celebrates women on International Women’s Day

Ms Amoo-Osae (left) and Ms Ayebilla (right) at the event

As part of activities to celebrate International Women’s Day, Bolt Ghana has organised an event to discuss the importance of gender inclusivity and empowerment.

The event was aimed at reiterat­ing the company’s commitment to women and empowering them on the equity level and giving them more opportunity.

The discussants at the event were the Brand Manager for Guinness Gha­na, Wilma Amoo-Osae, a female Bolt Driver, Monica Ayebilla, Global Head, Dealer Engagement, Autochek Africa Edith Akati, founder & CEO of Talk­ative Mom, Eno Quagrine and Delsie Fosu, Bolt Ghana.

They talked on topics including embracing leadership qualities as a wom­an without fear of judgment, building relationships through effective stakehold­er management and finding your voice for self-advocacy

Speaking to The Spectator, the Mar­keting Manager for Bolt Ghana, Miranisa Wallace-Ollennu said safety and inclusion was important to women especially for female riders within the company.

“We have a lot of prioritisation on our female drivers and we are doing our best to make sure they are safe with their rides,” she said.

She said it was important to create opportunities for female drivers to feel safe to earn more on the platform adding that the company would take initiatives to help them.

Ms Amoo-Osae urged women to be intentional about what they want and how they want to be addressed and identified at their workplaces and in the society.

She also encouraged women not to be afraid of their weaknesses but rather use them to their advantage.

Ms Amoo-Osae advised men to give young women opportunities they de­serve with no strings attached.

For Ms Ayebilla she said women need to be courageous in any field perceived dominated by men adding that the notion that women could be rivers was yet to be accepted in Africa

She said it was therefore necessary for women drivers to be confident because “every successful woman becomes an inspiration to another woman.”

According to Ms Akati, women lead­ers should groom more women who would take over from them in the near future.

To the young women she urged them to look for people like them and study their paths.

Mrs Quagrine urged women to be empathetic and take people seriously adding that “your social capital will help you achieve your goal.”

 By Jemima Esinam Kuatsinu

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