Bride refuses to move until her favourite song is played

Can you blame a bride for being annoyed when her song of choice is not played as she makes her grand entry? That is the question which has divided Instagram users, thanks to a video going viral on the platform.

On August 15, Shivani Pippel, shared a video which showed her refusing to enter her wedding venue because the song she wanted to be played had not been put on.

“Tell him to put on that song. I told him,” the annoyed bride was heard saying as friends and family members tried to calm her down, telling her that the track would soon be changed.

Ms Pippel was dressed in a pink dress and sounding close to tears.

The video has been viewed more than two million times on Instagram since it was shared by Shivani Pippel earlier this month. It had clocked more than a thousand comments on the photo and video sharing platform.

While many praised the video as adorable and said they could relate to the bride’s irritation, a few also wondered whether the video was staged.

The clip has been re-posted by several Instagram handles over the last few days, contributing to its steadily-increasing popularity. –

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