Can l forgive hubby for leaving us 22 years?

I got married 26 years ago to a gentleman who was initially very loving and caring by all standards. We were both happy in our marriage and blessed with two pretty girls.

As things were not going on well, my husband left Ghana 22 years ago to seek better economic fortunes in the United States of America (USA). At the time my husband was leaving, our children were four and two years old respectively.

He has not paid any visit to Ghana, let alone made any effort to enable us to join him there since leaving the shores of this country.

Initially, he wrote letters frequently to find out how we fared and enquired about the educational progress of the children.

More than 18 years now, we have not heard from him and are worried if he is still alive.

l have single- handedly looked after the children without the support of any of his relatives.

Surprisingly, he has written about two months ago to inform me that he has re-married and was no longer interested in me.

ObaaYaa, l must confess that this man has really ruined my life and caused me serious harm because l had turned down offers from many suitors who are now happily married with children.

Can l take legal action against him for damage caused me?

Ampoma, Accra.

Dear Ampoma,

l commend you for the ordeal you have gone through to take care of your children single-handedly in spite of the daunting  challenges.

I can envisage how you feel and how enraged you must be against your husband who has not treated you well,as you try to remember the men who had proposed to marry you.

Though he could be charged by the court to pay you an alimony, you should desist from taking a legal action against him for the interest of your children.

Additionally, you should not infer that your marriage to those who had proposed to you would have been sailing well just like those they are married to. This is to confirm the fact that all the hands are not equal.

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