Can l love children as parents do?

Dear ObaaYaa,

I am a graduate from one of the tertiary institutions in the country. I have completed my National Service and secured employment in one of the prestigious companies in the country.

My major concern is that l marvel at how parents love their children and do all within their power to ensure that they have all the best of things they need.

Can l also love just as parents do and shower lots of gifts on their children. l am beginning to feel that l may not be able to live up to expectation as a father.

Joseph, Accra.

Dear Joseph,

When you observe people from a distance, it paints a different picture as regards how they act in a particular way and what really informs the decision they make.

There is a biological link among parents, children and relatives.  Surprisingly, this unique bond keeps them together so long as they live.

The filial love between parents and children grows naturally.  Imagine a mother who carries the child in the womb for nine months before she is delivered of her child.

The first task of a young girl who gives birth is to breastfeed the child. Having done this for a few days prepares the grounds for the commencement of love between parents and children.


Ms Bridget AfiAzah. On the occasion of your birthday, we wish to seek for divine favours for you in all your endeavours. May God grant you long life and prosperity and cause you to grow from strength to strength. Belated happy birthday.

From: Your lovely husband, children and the entire family.

Mr Julius Kennedy Kyekye. God has been good to you in many ways and for this, we join all your loved ones to thank Him for the favours granted you.  We pray that God will continue the good works he has commenced in you. Wishing you the best of luck. Belated happy birthday, dear.

From: Your lovely wife and children, relatives, friends and loved ones.

Mr Cletus Awumey. Your creator knows what is good for you and the appropriate time to respond to your demands. May He continue to bless, protect and guide you. Remember that His love will never depart from you because he loves you. Happy birthday.

From:  Your family, friends and loved ones.

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