Can l trust him?

Dear Obaa Yaa,

We have gone through challenges in our friendship which has spanned five years.

Having received complete endorsement from relatives, friends and people who have our matter at heart, everything was pointing to a pleasurable marriage life.

At the beginning of the year, my fiancé came to inform me that he would like to officially inform my parents about his intention to ask for my hand in marriage.

My parents were glad to receive this information and feverish preparations were made for the performance of the forthcoming customary rites.

This information has gladdened my heart and it has intensified our love for each other. We spent more time on the phone and devoted more time to share interesting moments.

Surprisingly, my fiancé has stopped calling me and has failed to visit me at work and at home.

My fear about his character intensified when l realised that my calls to his line could not go through but when l tried a different number, he picked.

When l enquired from him why my calls could not go through, he explained that he had a challenge with his cell phone, but l realised that there was a problem with our relationship.

In summary, my fiancé has married about three months ago without an explanation.

Should l take action against him?

Dorothy, Tema.

Dear Dorothy,

Naturally you ought to be disturbed because of the heightened expectations your fiancé had generated in your family. Your parents, relatives and well-wishers must have been disappointed in the turn of events.

l can envisage the copious tears you might have shed because of the unfortunate incident.

The relatively short period your fiancé has taken to marry, implies that he must have been monitoring you and this lady who is now his wife. 

It is essential for you to know the reason for which he has settled on another person instead of you.

This information would help you to amend whatever you might have done wrong which must have informed your fiancé’s decision to marry a different person instead of you.

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