Captain Morgan officially launched in Ghana

Captain Morgan officially launched in Ghana

Known for its rich history, and distinctive branding, Captain Morgan has officially been launched in Ghana by Guinness Ghana.

The official launch which took place on the eve of the Tidal festival at the La Palm Royal Beach, on Friday, November 2, 2023.

The launch marked a momentous occasion for patrons at the event who had the opportunity to sample the drink.

The Managing Director, of Guinness Ghana, Felicite Nson, highlighted their commitment to creating new experiences for consumers, adding that the new Captain Morgan is a testament to that.

“At Guinness Ghana, our commitment goes beyond the liquid in the bottle; it’s about crafting moments that will linger in your memory, forging memories that are etched in your heart and your crew, and creating exciting experiences that resonate with our cherished consumers,” she said. 

She added that Captain Morgan has always been about uniting the crew and creating lasting memories.

According to the Marketing and Innovation Director at Guinness Ghana, Estella Muzito, Captain Morgan is more than just a drink; it’s a reflection of the brand’s purpose of uniting crews and creating lasting memories.

She added that “Apart from the Captain Morgan’s distinctive blend of spices, aged in golden barrels, and offering a symphony of tastes that will tantalise the palates of Ghanaian rum enthusiasts, Captain Morgan is all about the ‘spice’ individuals bring when getting together with their Crew to create memorable moments and exceptional experiences.”

“Captain Morgan represents adventure and camaraderie. It is known for being versatile and is the popular choice for creating a wide variety of classic cocktails including the iconic Captain & Cola or Fruit Juices,” Estella Muzito added.

Captain Morgan, is a premium spirit brand relished in over 100 countries.

 By Edem Mensah-Tsotorme

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