Carrot Muffins

Carrot Muffins

150grammes of margarine
250 grammes of carrots
200 grammes sugar
200grammes flour
1.5 tablespoonful of cinnamon
2 tablespoonfuls of baking powder
2 big eggs
125grammes of sultanas
50grammes of nuts

Health benefits of carrot

Carrots are mostly available in orange colour but there are other variants available too, such as white, yellow, purple and red.
The bright orange colour of the carrots is because of the presence of beta-carotene, anantioxidant that gets converted into vitamin A when we consume it. Carrots are loaded with ample vital nutrients and health benefits.

  1. Good for eye health
  2. Helps in weight Loss
  3. Helps in prevention of cancer
  4. Helps in improving dental health
  5. Helps in boosting Immunity
  6. Helps in getting rid of toxins
  7. Helps in maintaining good digestive health
  8. Helpful in dealing with menstrual issues
  9. Helps in lowering blood pressure
  10. Helps in lowering the risk of diabetes


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