Cars are not assets, don’t do drugs – Kennedy Agyapong advises Medikal

Cars are not assets, don’t do drugs – Kennedy Agyapong advises Medikal

Politician and business mogul Kennedy Agyapong has advised rapper Medikal to stay away from drugs and invest in real estate if he wants to enjoy a better future.

The “Omo Ada” hitmaker met his mentor yesterday during an interview on Oman FM – which is also owned by Kennedy Agyapong.

During the interview, Kennedy told Medikal that if he is into drugs and smoking of cannabis, he should stop and save and invest in real estate.

“Most musicians are into drugs and smoking of cannabis just to get high and hit the stage. It won’t take you anywhere. Be yourself,” Kennedy told Medikal.

He said saving is key for a comfortable life after reaching his peak in the industry.

“What I give to you is savings. Look at the lifestyle of veteran musicians. Whatever money you make, you have to invest. You will live comfortably forever and ever if you invest.”

Kennedy added that cars are not assets but people buy for show-offs. But if he wants to cushion himself for the future, he should take real estate business seriously.

“Most of the new crop of artistes phaseout early so don’t keep up the jounces. When you invest wisely, a day will come, you cast back your mind and see how poorly your colleagues have fared.”

“Although I have a fleet of cars, cars aren’t assets. It’s just for show-offs. If you want to cushion yourself in life, invest in real estates.”

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