Catholic Priest condemns assault on suspected thieves

The Parish Priest of the St Au­gustine Catholic Church in Ashaiman, Reverend Father Igna­tius Ayivor has condemned the prac­tice of assaulting suspected thieves.

He said the fact that a person was thought to be a thief was not a good reason to mete out instant justice on them, a situation which in some cases had resulted in deaths.

Rev Ayivor made the statement during the Good Friday church ser­vice where he said it was unfortunate that there had been instances where victims had been innocent but often come too late.

He said it was worrying that even in some instances, persons passing by would not even take the trouble to ask why the victim was being sub­jected to the barbaric act but would rather join in the violence.

He said there were others who would also choose not to engage in the act of brutality but also refuse to call for help for the victim.

Rev FrAyivor said people could find themselves in such disturbing situa­tions it is difficult for one to prove his or her innocence.

He recalled that even Jesus Christ found Himself in an awkward situa­tion where those who knew the truth about His innocence failed to inter­vene in His situation.

He said sometimes people support­ed wrong doing because they feared losing their relationship with others or a position they hold and would choose to engage in what is wrong to protect that.

He said Pontius Pilate in the Holy Bible was one of such persons who failed to do what was right as he chose the easy way out instead of freeing Jesus Christ.

He said there was the need for ev­eryone to have conscience and stand up for what is the truth regardless of the consequences.

Rev FrAyivor also admonished the youth against the excessive love for money which he said had led some people into their early graves.

He said Judas Iscariot took the mon­ey after betraying Jesus Christ but at the end did not even live to enjoy the money paid for doing what was not right.

 From DzifaTettehTay, Ashaiman

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