Caution; the watchword this Christmas

Caution; the watchword this Christmas

 All too soon, the year 2022 is gradually but surely coming to an end. And as Ghanaians, we can all testify that the year has been a difficult one, especially in the area of finance.

However, we did not lose sight of the fact that God’s plan for us is always the best even in this economic turbu­lence we find ourselves in. I want to quote from the Holy Writ to support His divine presence from Romans 8:28 that says “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called ac­cording his purpose .”

Despite the challenges we experienced, the season of Christmas can never go with­out the usual celebration. This season goes with a lot activ­ities and preparations, most importantly the movement from one place to another.

Very often, the ugly and undesirable road accidents we witness must be reduced to the bearest minimum if not entirely eradicated. Usually, the aftermath of this road crushes leave so much to be desired as dear lives and properties are lost. And dependants left behind with so much pain while others become orphans overnight at very tender ages.

On this note, l wish to sincerely advise drivers, especially the long distance commercial drivers to be very cautious on the road.

The temptation to speed with the hope to return for another trip before the day ends will be high in oder to make some extra money. But please remember that it is only when you are alive and well that you have the chance to go many rounds even after the Christmas season. There­fore, ensure to obey all traffic regulations. Don’t forget the slogan “ Don’t drink and drive and Don’t drive and drink”.

Again, some passengers may also urge drivers to speed for them to meet certain goals they set for themselves. Please desist from this bad attitude and allow the drivers behind the steering wheel to do what they know best.

Passengers should not look on while the drivers are speeding unnecessarily or making wrongful overtaking. Who knows if an accident occurs the driver may survive but you can die.

My appeal also goes to the Drivers’ Unions to organise some in-service training for their members to refresh their memories and some forgotten ethics regarding their profes­sion. The Road Safety Authori­ty must be proactive and well strategised seriously as we enter the month of December to curb avoidable road crushes during this Christmas period.

They must not sit aloof or only be heard or seen to be profering solutions on radio or television but be practical about the road safety issues. There is no doubt that the core mandate for Road Safety Authority is to protect life and property on the road. So if the opposite is the case, what are their existence for? They should not fail to apply the necessary sanction where it must. The rewards might not be immediate but genera­tion yet unborn will recognise their contribution towards national development.

I think we cannot leave the Driver and vehicle Licensing Authority out in this crucial crusade. All hands must be on deck to fight road nuisance which has been depriving motherland, Ghana of her precious human resources for development. If my memory serves the right, in the same period in the year 2000, three experienced neurologists lost their lives on Techiman-Kin­tanpo Road in a tragic road accident.

We all know how hard it is to come by these spe­cialists but Gha­na lost three at a go through a needless road crash, the con­sequences to the nation the least said the better.

Finally, I urge religious leaders including Imams and traditional authorities to provide education on this road menace to their follow­ers anytime the opportunity presents itself. The various followers of these religions believe in their leaders and any advice they give through sermons and other forms of interaction will go a long way to sanitise our roads. Let me use this rare occasion to wish all Ghanaians, especially our drivers a happy safe Christ­mas in advance.

By Godwin Antho­ny Nkunu

Public Relations Officer

Upper East Region­al Coordinat­ing Council – Bolgatanga

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