Celebrate mothers, they are special

 Tomorrow, Sunday, May 12, is a day dedicated in honour of mothers and is celebrated in countries throughout the world.

Ghana is not an excep­tion to this wonderful day, as individuals, families and friends use the occasion to express their admiration for their mothers for the won­derful contribution to their lives.

It is in this spirit that multiple award-winning Ghanaian gospel musician, Empress Gifty expressed the need to celebrate mothers for their special roles.

According to her, moth­ers will always be special because they were instru­mental in raising children and societies.

Speaking to The Spec­tator ahead of this year’s Mother’s Day celebration, the gospel musician said, “What makes Mother’s Day so special for me is that they are very inspirational. They are people we look up to. They go through a lot for our sake and even when we are matured, they would still be there for us.”

According to the ‘Ase­da’ hitmaker, her mother, Evangelist Agnes Annan, affectionately called Maame Fante was one person every­one would love to have as a mother.

“So I see Mother’s Day as an opportunity for us to say thank you in a special way to our mothers. It is a moment for us to honour them and let them know how special they are in our lives.”

“My mother had stood in the gap for me on many oc­casions, which is why I hold her in high esteem. I believe it is same for many others. These women are very dear to our lives,” she said.

Consequently, she as­serted that “I wouldn’t have been this successful in my career without my mother’s constant advice, prayers, and guidance.”

“My mother has re­ceived a lot of ‘bullets’ for me, it is because of me my mother was divorced, and I told myself, I will never be separated from her and en­sure everything that makes a mother happy would be provided,” she revealed

According to her, the significance of Mother’s Day cannot be overemphasised, considering the mothers’ contribution on the lives of their children.

Empress Gifty said it was unfortunate some people attempt to play down on the day’s significance due to one reason or the other but advised all and sundry to use the opportunity to honour every person that has played a motherly role in his or her life before.

She also advised mothers to forgive their children or whoever wronged them to avoid generational curses.

 By Edem Mensah-Tsotorme

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