Childlessness likely to push us apart

Dear Obaa Yaa,

We are in our sixth year of marriage with lots of love for each other.
We have many friends who love us and are always around to lend a hand of support in whatever we do.
Unfortunately, we do not have children, a situation which has the possibility of pushing us apart due to the frequent comments and attacks from people.
Although my husband has not personally complained to me, a close relative of his told me his parents keep asking for a grandchild.
He seemed not to be concerned for now, however, the frequent disturbances could degenerate into serious problem for me.
Checks at the hospital have not produced any good results. What should l do? Should we adopt or go to a fertility hospital for an invitro- fertilisation? I am worried.
Vida, Accra.

Dear Vida,
The problem should not be laid on your head alone but it rather calls for concerted efforts from the two of you to solve it once and for all.
The decision to write to this column explains how worried you are and you ought to know that you are not the only family being confronted with such a problem.
Some couples had stayed either eight, 10 or more years before conceiving. However, the problem was solved through regular check-ups with the assistance of a gynaecologist specialist.

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