Christmas here again: Cherish moments with loved ones, support needy …Clergy urges Christians

Christmas here again: Cherish moments with loved ones, support needy …Clergy urges Christians

Rev Adaletey

 The clergy has urged Christians to use the period of Christmas to treasure the moments spent with family and loved ones and also show love to the needy and under­privileged in the society.

According to them, it was import­ant to spread the joy that comes with the birth of Jesus Christ, a very significant milestone in the life of Christians and use the period to preach about what He stood for.

In separate interviews, they told The Spectator that the love of Christ was supposed to be for all and not for a selected privileged few, hence the need to also show love and kind­ness to people in need.

The Head Pastor of Gateway Tem­ple Assemblies of God (A/G), Sowu­tuom VRA, in Accra, Rev Benjamin I. K Adaletey said it was necessary for Christians to cherish the moments with their loved ones, especially during this festive season, Reports Jemima Esinam Kuatsinu.

Rev  I. K  Adaletey
Rev I. K Adaletey

He said that would foster family bonding and ensure peaceful co-exis­tence and promote brotherliness.

According to the Head Pastor of Gateway Temple A/G, “ it will also foster strong bonds, provide emo­tional support and create lasting memories that contributes to the overall well-being.”

He said spending time with loved ones during the festive season strengthens relationships, promote happiness and offers a sense of belonging and connection within the family.

Rev Adaletey who is also a re­nowned actor in the Ghanaian movie industry said Christmas was a period where one reflects on the blessings of the past year and makes resolu­tion for the coming year.

“Christmas is also a period to spread kindness to each other and embrace the spirit of giving and find joy in the simple pleasures,” he said.

Rev Adaletey described christmas as an annual festival aimed at com­memorating the birth of Jesus Christ, and it was observed on December 25 each year and celebrated by billions of people worldwide.

He stated that Christmas was cel­ebrated to honour the birth of Jesus and it was often seen as a time for the family to share joy and goodwill to people around them especially the less privileged.

Rev Adaletey said it brings people together, foster a sense of love, gen­erosity, and community spirit.

“I am wishing all Ghanaians a season of warmth, joy, and love. May the spirit of Christmas fill your heart with peace and goodwill. Merry Christmas,” he said.

From the International Victory Praise Chapel (I.V.P.C), Dome, Eliza­beth Agyeibea Ackon reported that Christmas to many, was a season to spend time with friends, families and loved loves, amidst fun and appreci­ate God for his protection through­out the year.

Speaking to Rev. Humphrey Odei Addo-Yobo of the International Vic­tory Praise Chapel (I. V.P.C), Dome, he said Christmas was a period to reflect on ‘the cost’ associated with the celebration.

Explaining that, he said, children were sacrificed by King Herod with mothers tortured and asked to va­cate their places of residence includ­ing Mary who was made to relocate to Egypt.

“When King Herod heard God was intervening in the affairs of men and his star shown, he consulted Theo­logians, religious people and court­ed them diplomatically, a kind of forced marriage between church and religion and politics. He wiped every single baby under two years, causing pains and sorrows among mothers whose children were killed,” he explained.

“The innocent virgin lady who was engaged, yet to be married but got pregnant was made to go through humiliation,” he added.

These sufferings and humiliations, he said, were the cost that Jesus Christ had to pay, hence the essence of Christmas which everyone must reflect on.

Rev. Addo-Yobo stated that the incarnation of Jesus Christ was also costly as he was made to pay a price by lowering himself to become man in the form of flesh in order to bring us back to righteousness.

He said it was important to val­ue God’s plan to restore Christians into the perfect Adam, redeem and to give them the power to conquer death and sickness inflicted by the devil.

“We must remember it comes with a cost and therefore be ready to also make a loving, living and worthy sacrifices knowing it is our turn to honourably and dutifully give out,” he stressed.

“Remember to light your house, the city and your workplace and put smiles on those who had not smiled throughout the eleven months of the year,” he added.

Essentially, Rev Addo-Yobo said, Christmas was a season for visiting the orphanage, hospitals and com­munities to spread love and kindness to all.

According to the General Overseer of the Precious Stone International Min­istry, Prophetess Mrs Comfort Agyei, Christmas was a period that Christians to be positive about the promises of God, reports Linda Abrefi Wadie.

 Sharing her Christmas message with The Spectator, she said Christians have the tendency to give up in times of difficulty but according to her, it was such moments that they must hold on firmly to God’s promises.

“We are tempted to think our grass is withering, while those of others grew greener; but that is not enough rea­son to give up,” she stated.

“In 2 Samuel 5, David waited upon the Lord despite the challenges Saul put him through. He later became the king of Israel and the Lord blessed him abundantly,” she added.

Prophetess Adjei said it was important for Christians to continue in prayer and wait for the right time for the promises of God to manifest.

“It is not proper to use the current economic condition in the coun­try to undermine the things God could do. Children believe their parents are capable of providing all their needs, how much more the creator of the universe,” she questioned.

Touching on the LGBTQ+ Bill cur­rently in Parliament, Mrs Agyei said, allowing that practice to go on in Ghana was against the will of God.

“Romans 1:28 tells us that we must stand against the practice and any law that permits it to avoid curses and destructions. Ghana is God’s country and we need to do away with negative laws that will ruin the blessings of the country,” she stressed.

“Let us continue to stay in peace and love one another because Christmas is the remembrance of the beginning of salva­tion,” she added.

Christmas she said, was a time for recon­ciliation and for­giveness.

• Rev Dadzie
• Rev Dadzie

Meanwhile, the Overseer of the Glorious Temple Worship Centre at Nungua-Bar­rier in Accra, Rev. David Dadzie says Christians, especially the youth must utilise the fes­tive period to recon­cile and reflect on their righteousness in Christ, reports Michael D. Abayateye.

That, he said, would be beneficial to their develop­ment as humans instead of engaging in vices including drinking and smok­ing.

Speaking to The Spectator ahead of the Yuletide, he said “we need to appreciate the opportunity that we have considering the difficulties throughout the year but remember that the festive period was all about thanking God for his mercies.”

“It is also a time to reconcile and forgive one another. It is not about eating and dinning alone but a time for reconcili­ation and turning from our wicked ways,” he stated.

Making reference to Psalm 119:105,”Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path,” he said it was important to turn to Jesus for salvation.

“Do not let the celebrations destruct you but rather remain fo­cus ed and ap­preci­ate God. It is unto the saviour and let us keep it as such,” he added.

The material things, he said, were not essential but one’s righteousness was what the Lord would demand.

“Watch over yourself and turn from your wicked ways. Search through your life and become a better per­son,” he advised.

He quoted Lamentations 3:40 saying, “Search and examine yourself to see where you have fallen short and turn to Jesus this festive season and he would bless, change and turn things around for good.”

He urged members of the church and residents within Nungua and its environs to be measured in their celebrations and seek the face of the Lord in all their dealings.

He also asked Christians to remain steadfast in the Lord as there were greater things that would happen in their lives in all aspects.

He was optimistic that next year would be better despite economic challenges adding that “the Lord would take care of his people.”

Rev. Dadzie took the opportunity to invite the public to worship with the church during the Christmas to the New Year as they seek for God’s guidance and protection under a programme dubbed “Hold Your Mantle”.

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