Churches urged to support the needy in the midst of COVID-19

Churches have been urged to offer their widow’s mite to support the needy and less privileged in society following the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

They have been urged to embark on this cause to complement wider efforts at mitigating the devastating impact of COVID- 19.

Speaking at the fourth edition of the “Feed the City” programme for about 200 beneficiaries, Apostle MKN Cofie, the Founder of MKN Cofie Foundation, a wing of Christ Fidelity Church International, said many people had lost their jobs and were in financial difficulties following the outbreak of COVID- 19. 

He said government alone could not do it all, therefore, civil society organisations should also offer their support.

Apostle Cofie said the work of Jesus included meeting the physical and spiritual needs of the people, adding “this is one of the foremost duties of all churches to humanity”.

The church, he said, intended to undertake a wider outreach programme to be accompanied by free healthcare in the future.

“Feed the City” is a social intervention programme of the church where hundreds of people are fed every month. Less privileged persons also received secondhand clothing and personal protective equipment.

By Francis Cofie

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