CIFF extends helping hand to Twin City Special School

CIFF extends helping hand to Twin City Special School

In a heartwarming display of compassion, the Community in Faith Foundation (CIFF), based in Ghana, generously donated essential food items to the students of Twin City Special School.

The items included rice, oil, toilet rolls, tomato paste, sachet water, eggs, soaps, detergents, and beverages, was presented by the Regional Development Coordinator on behalf of Mr. Stephenson Aggrey, the Chief Executive Director of CIFF.

Miss Ayishetu Abdulai, the Regional Development Coordinator, emphasized CIFF’s commitment to creating a nurturing environment for every child, allowing their unique talents to flourish.

She highlighted the organization’s dedication to enhancing the students’ learning experience and supporting them in reaching their full potential.

“These items symbolize the care, encouragement, and belief CIFF has in them,” stated Miss Abdulai, underscoring the organization’s message that the students are not alone on their journey of learning, growth, and personal development.

Mrs. LaTonya Aggrey, a dedicated supporter and advocate for special education, conveyed her warm wishes and encouragement to the students.

She expressed belief in their strength, resilience, and confidence to achieve remarkable feats.

Overwhelmed by the kind gesture, the headmistress of Twin City Special School, Madam Crescentia Efua Oduraa Bilson-sai, expressed deep appreciation during the gathering.

She conveyed her gratitude, saying, “I humbly write on behalf of Twin City Special School to express our profound gratitude to the Community In Faith Foundation for your kind donation to the school. We do appreciate this wonderful gesture and wish to say a big thank you. We also pray that the Almighty God keeps and rewards you abundantly.”

CIFF’s benevolent act not only addresses the immediate needs of the students but also sends a powerful message of support, encouragement, and community care. The ripple effect of such gestures is invaluable in fostering a sense of belonging and empowerment among the students of Twin City Special School.

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