Cleaning windscreen for a living

Cleaning windscreen for a living

Some children without nose masks have invaded the Opeibea traffic light intersection in Accra, wiping windscreen for a living.

Though the activities by these children have been in existence for many years now, it is gradually becoming common on some principal streets in the capital city, Accra, where some of them have resulted in begging for alms alongside even though officials have tried various approaches to stop it.

Some of the children are at times knocked down by motorbikes, cars and in some instances threatened by drivers, but they are not perturbed.

One of the children, who asked to be identified only by his nickname ‘Humble Lion’ said, he used the money to assist his mother for feeding and paying rent for the family.

“Despite the terrible news about the bad behaviour of some of the kids, not all of us on the street are bad,” he said.

James, a 38-year-old Bolt driver, said one of the boys slammed a squeegee on his windshield and cracked the glass at the Opeibea traffic about a month ago.

Speaking to Daniela Ruedisueli Sodjah, Executive Director of Chance for Children, a non-governmental organisation which empowers street-connected children and families, said, the kids were a visual sign of the challenges of young people have, their own struggles and the spirit to rise above those challenges.

Many of the street children are working for tips to pay for basic needs as their parents provide for them.

A police officer at the Airport police station who spoke on anonymity said, they have been responding to increasing complaints from workers and residents who drive through the city, regarding the challenge.

By Geoffrey Buta

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