Commencement of expansion of Adenta-Dodowa road good move

Men at work at the Adenta-Dodowa road

 Dear Editor,

The recent announcement by the Ministry of Roads and Highways regarding the ex­pansion of the Adenta-Dodowa road stirred mixed feelings among business operators and residents in the area.

While many were saddened by the inevitable disruptions to their daily lives, they complied with the directive and relocat­ed as required.

I would like to extend my commendation to the Minis­try of Roads and Highways for commencing this project. The progress made so far is admi­rable, and it is evident that considerable effort has been made in ensuring the smooth execution of the project.

As a concerned citizen, I am pleased to see infrastructure developments that aim to en­hance the transportation net­work and improve the overall quality of life for residents.

The Adenta-Dodowa road serves as a vital link for com­muters and businesses alike, and its expansion will un­doubtedly alleviate congestion and facilitate smoother traffic flow.

It is my hope that the Min­istry will continue to prioritise this project and maintain the same level of diligence and ef­ficiency until its completion. The successful completion of the road expansion will not only benefit the immediate community but also contribute to the broader socio-economic development of the region.

I urge the Ministry to remain steadfast in their commitment to delivering this essential in­frastructure project on sched­ule.

With continued dedication and collaboration, we can look forward to enjoying the im­proved road network for years to come.

Bismark Anaafi

Malejor, Oyibi

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