Congrats to Kwabena Akwaboah Jnr

Congrats to Kwabena Akwaboah Jnr

Kwabena Akwaboah Jnr with his bride

Dear Editor,

I wish to use your medium to congratulate highlife ace, Gladstorm Kwabena Akwaboah Jnr for successfully tying the knot over the weekend.

I was not privileged to be among the celebrity guests that celebrated the union but with what I have seen on social media, it was clear ev­erything went well.

It was a beautiful ceremony and I pray God would bless them with every blessing that comes with it.

I followed the cere­mony keenly because though a staunch follower of Akwaboah Jnr, I never knew he was single as my focus has always been on his music.

So, the news of his marriage came to me as a big surprise.

The media attention on him was characteris­tic of such events world­wide because of their celebrity status.

That status in society makes them the cyno­sure of all eyes. Already, I have observed a few social media commen­tators critique a few aspects of the ceremony with one lamenting over something relating to a dress.

Some of these things are unnecessary, rather it should remind the Akwaboah Jnrs that they would be under 24-hour public scrutiny for both good and bad deeds but God will help them over­come every challenge that comes with Holy Matrimony. One more time, I congratulate Mr and Mrs Akwaboah jnr.

Seth Merton,


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