Consumption of cocoa products boosts immune system-Chief Pharmacist

Consumption of cocoa products boosts immune system-Chief Pharmacist

Cocoa drinks  and products can help boost  the immune system, Chief Pharmacist at the Cocoa Clinic in Accra,  Dr. Edward Amporful,  has said .

He explained that taking  cocoa drink  could help reduce blood  clots on the brains especially of  COVID patients and promote longevity, adding   “cocoa products are natural  blood thinners and would help reduce weight and diabetes.”

Dr Amporful, who is chairman of the Cocoa Consumption Committee, made these  revelations when he delivered a talk  on ‘ why consume cocoa products’ at the opening of Cocoa Processing Company  (CPC) Sales Depot at  COCOBOD warehouse at Kejabil,  in the  Ahanta West District of the Western Region, on Thursday.

He indicated that cocoa, a good natural resource base for Ghana, had  been a blessing over the years and, therefore, efforts must be made  to  utilise its  potentials for health and longevity  needs of the people.

Ghana, he noted, had  in  the past, pursued value addition programmes  to cocoa products, but, it was not doing enough to boost consumption  of the products.

Dr Amporful  indicated that the European FoodSafety  Authority had averaged  at least  2.7 kilogrammes  cocoa  consumption per person dailybut regretted  that, Ghana  in its entirety was doing just  about 50 grammes.

“Fifty grammes  is not the way to go. At least 2.7 kilogrammes per person daily, according to European Food Safety Authority. That’s key.  Cocoa consumption has a huge  consequences  for Africa to take advantage of the African Continental  Free Trade Area(ACFTA) and increase  daily consumption.” he added.

Cocoa products, the Chief Pharmacist mentioned, had vitamins, fats and minerals  better than what coffee could provide for a person, noting that but in Ghana, people consumed  coffee more than cocoa, a  good natural product.”

“It’s a complete food for the morning when you wake  up at least take a bar  of chocolate and be ready for the day, that’s your breakfast. The beauty  of cocoa is that you can  add or blend with everything even with your Hausa Koko.” Dr Amporful stressed.

He told the gathering that research had shown that  cocoa products  could help reduce high bold pressure, stroke  in  the elderly, increase  brain  power as well as  reduce blood clots and  even malaria.

Ghana, he said, was one of the 11 countries  reporting high malaria cases but had not focused on cocoa consumption as one important health solution to reduce the burden  of the disease  on the citizens.

“Even with erectile dysfunction from head to toe,  cocoa has more satisfaction and it’s by far  ahead of time. We need to do about 5kg daily per person, and we are doing just 50 grammes.” Dr Amporful stated

From Clement Adzei  Boye, Kejabil

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