Corruption and hypocrisy Part 1

I have been thinking a lot about the fight against corruption and what needs to be done to really make it a very expensive and unattractive venture. When watching a news item, an issue that had been floating in my thoughts suddenly came into sharp focus.

The inclusion of Chief Directors and Pastors on the list of organisations and institutions that are considered under the CPI. There are a lot of charlatans parading around as ministers of the Gospel. The funny thing is that, they hypocritically chastise the government and politicians as corrupt. You hear them, on the airwaves and from their pulpit they are merciless.

Meanwhile you often hear them quoting, “Touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm” in a bid to scare church members from commenting on their corrupt and immoral behaviour.

I know Chief Directors fall under civil and public servants but I would like to have them listed separately to put a focus on them. Politicians are always condemned as corrupt but I dare say no politician can ‘chop’ public funds without the connivance of a Chief Director.

What such Pastors should realise is that the principles of God have been established by his word and so whatsoever a man sows that shall he reap.

This brings to mind a funny story of a Pastor and his Elder who, contrary to the teachings of the Bible, were wallowing in adultery like a hobby.

One day, an argument ensued between them so they decided to determine who the champion womanizer was. It was agreed between them that when the ladies in the church come to dance during the ‘collection’ time, the determination will be made.

Pastor was to say “tin” and Elder was to say “tan” when a lady drops her offering into the offertory bowl. The time came for the offertory and the hypocrisy of holiness played out with the men only in single file coming to give their offering.
Then it was the turn of the ladies and the secret unholy and disgusting competition between the Pastor and the Elder of the church, began.

The first person was the Women Fellowship leader and as she approached the offertory bowl, the Pastor said “tin” meaning he had slept with her. The second lady was her deputy and Elder was eager to show his power and also said “tan”. This “tin”, “tan”, “tin” “tin”, “tan” “tan”, “tin”, “tan”, “tin” went on for quite a while till a few ladies were left.

Then came ‘Osofo Maame’ and her three children (young ladies). As they approached the offertory bowl Elder said, ”tan”, “tan”, “tan” and the Pastor got up from his seat and rushed towards the Elder.

The Elder saw the look in his Pastor’s eyes was pure vengeance. He immediately realised that this was not a visitation of the Holy Spirit and he must get away before destruction befalls him. He jumped out of his seat and ran towards the nearest door with the Pastor chasing after him.

The confused church members seeing their Elder, followed by their ‘spiritually powerful’ Pastor, thought something evil had come into the church to attack so they also ran for their dear lives.

When they later saw the Pastor some metres away from the church exchanging blows with his Elder, they realised it was a personal issue and not any evil force coming against them.

When the Pastor was sleeping with other peoples wives, he thought he was smart and never dreamt that the same thing will be done to him. Whoever deprives the general populace of adequate services by corruptly amassing wealth will one day pay for it in one way or the other.

By Laud Kissi-Mensah

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