Today, I write about COVID-19 and the role of the Ghanaian Diaspora in efforts to fight the disease pandemic. 

The Ghanaian Diaspora is making great efforts to support the fight in Ghana against the coronavirus disease, as well as support their own Ghanaian migrant communities abroad. 


I have heard or read media and other reports about Ghanaian embassies in North America and in Europe, for example, working with Ghanaian Diaspora groups in their locations to contribute and support the fight against the dreadful disease. 

The Ghana embassies are mobilising Ghanaian Diaspora groups–associations or unions, churches, etc.–for contributions to the national Covid-19 Trust Fund. 

Some of the Diaspora groups are also setting up a fund to support members of their own groups as well as contribute into the national trust fund. 

The national Covid-19 Trust Fund was set up by the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo, to raise funds towards alleviating the devastating impact of the pandemic. 

The spirit of giving 

A number of groups in Ghana have contributed generously into the fund and I dare say many more groups are preparing to donate, including Ghanaians in the Diaspora. 

All these efforts need to be highly commended. Kudos to them for their well-meaning gesture and such a positive attitude with the spirit of giving. Blessed are the merciful…or, as the good book tells us, there is more blessings in giving than receiving. 

Diaspora contributions 

Some Ghanaian Diaspora groups have already made donations and I am sure that more donations from others will pour in. 

Such donations may be as a result of the joint efforts by the embassies and the Ghanaian Diaspora groups. 

It could also be that the Diaspora groups will set up their own fund to help their own Ghanaian communities abroad as well  as send their donations directly to the national trust fund. 

Good coordination

Whatever form it takes, if there is good coordination the Diaspora contributions to the national trust fund could be massive. 

It could be second only to the remittances Ghanaian migrants send home from abroad to support their relatives or invest in businesses. 

A lot of logistics are needed in the fight against the coronavirus disease. We need to support in the fight. Let’s do it nicely. 

For example, the frontline health workers need the right equipment, including Protective Personal Equipment (PPE), to be able to work gallantly in their field to save lives and prevent suffering. 

I salute you all kind-hearted and gallant people. Thank you.

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