Dad saves son from raging bull

A father is being hailed a hero for saving his 18-year-old son from being trampled by a raging bull. Cody Hooks was flung off the bull’s back soon after entering the ring at a rodeo in Texas.  

Footage, first shared online last month but has recently gone viral, captured the 18-year-old lying unconscious on the ground after being thrown off the animal.

Handlers in the ring tried in vain to subdue the raging bull which charged towards the unconscious teen. Fortunately for Cody, his father was at hand to save him from certain injury.

Landis Hooks, 40, flung himself over his son’s body, covering his head and pressing him to the ground as the bull charged towards them, according to local news reports.

Landis reportedly took the brunt of the bull’s anger and was hit in the head by the rampaging animal but managed to save his son from grievous harm.

Footage of the moment was shared online by Cody Hooks, who thanked his father and other bullfighters for saving him from what could have been “a very ugly situation.”

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