Dealing with challenges of step-parenting

Dear Editor,

Attaining the status of a step-child is not a choice, but one that comes as a result of changing scenes of life and time.

Sometimes, two people meet and out of love or attraction, become intimate, leading to the production of an offspring.

Attracted to each other, as the two partners may have been, the by-product of their one-time intimacy may bring to the world a child though unplanned actions.

However, there is an instance where some children live with other children and new parents, who are not their biological parents or siblings due to divorce, separation or death.

One challenge confronting step-children is that at times, they have to deal with the ‘needless wrath’ of their step-parents. What is troubling is that when this occurs, their biological parents are not able to defend them.

Some step-parents are good, but words cannot describe others. I become dazed when some biological parents are not able to defend but rather ‘sacrifice’ their children for the love of their new spouses.

I believe it is time society looked at problem of step-parenting and collectively find suitable antidote to the challenge.

Parents, especially fathers, must ensure that children do not become ‘innocent’ victims of “broken relationship.” Parents should be responsible for the children they bring into the world.

Akua Beduwah Gogoe,

Student, Ghana Institute of Journalism.

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