Developing and investing in grassroots football is the way to go – Otto Addo

Developing and investing in grassroots football is the way to go – Otto Addo

Former Black Stars Coach, Otto Addo is calling for the development of grassroots football at all levels and in districts across the country to help unearth hidden talents.

According to Dortmund Youth Development Coach who qualified Ghana for the 2022 Qatar World Cup, an aggressive provision of football pitches and axillary facilities in every district of the country with help the country’s quest to have a sustained assembling of talented footballers to make the country proud.

In an interview with the media after opening this year’s edition of the African Books and Boots project at the Kawukudi Park in Nima, Otto Addo indicated that the development and investment in juvenile football should be a priority for all Ghanaians.

” It is very important to have pitches or maybe even have better pitches.

But these difficult circumstances also make diamonds so it’s good that up to a certain point.

We have a lot of pitches but then I think we have to do more a little bit in developing for under 15,16,17 going forward.

We can do more but I think the grassroots is good but we have to nurture them.

We have to help, support them, show them love and inspire them”.

“We have to show up it’s very important everybody should try and support these young boys because these are our future so we have to provide the pitches.

We have to help the coaches around them those who were running all the pitches.

We have to support them to run it well because the boys are our future and very soon five or six years.

We will see one of them playing in the national teams.


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